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Work Progress I

Check-In with Me

The way you find me should probably be referral or my ads online! Fill in the contact form, and I'll be in touch with you to confirm whether I'll be available on your big date! And we'll also schedule for a zoom meeting or an actual meet ups in you're in LA!?

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Step II


Let's Plan!

After confirming my availability on your big day - On our Zoom Meeting, I'll ask you about your wedding visions, your expected logistics, and most importantly YOUR LOVE STORY! Then we will plan for our Engagement Shoot (yes, it's included in most packages), what you'd like to see, what you'd like to do, where would you wanna go!? It's a day trip for both of us!

Then we'll focus on the big day, let's start planning! I'm your biggest back up (besides your planner)!

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Work Progress III

The Big Day!

After the Engagement Shoot, I guarantee we'd become fast friends or I'll become a very reliable source to you for your wedding! We'll be in tight contact to discuss about your big day, the logistics, the timeline, the stress ugh, EVERYTHING!

On the big day, all you need to do is to relax and tell me about what you wanna do and achieve, and let's rock this baby! We'll get it done, you can relax and enjoy your day while I'll be enjoying the creative process and the mingling with your people! We got this!

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Work Progress IV

Check-In With you!

After the big day, you'll feel a sense of "oh well, it's done" hahaha. I got you. Well, it's not done! It's the harvest time of what we've been planting! You'll receive a sneak peek album within 72 hours after your wedding, so you can share on social media and get a glimpse of how your photos will turn out!

If you get a wedding album from me, don't worry, we'll be curating the pages TOGETHER!

If you get a wedding film from me, it'll take sometimes for me to edit, but once the first draft is out; I'll ask for your feedback and we'll be right back at it on all these wedding memories again!

Let's create for the favorite wedding experience!